Agriturismo Trinacria

Holiday farm in Piazza Armerina

Trinacria Rural Tourism is born of love for our land between art and history
Agriturismo a Piazza Armerina

Sicily’s art and history

Are you looking for a holiday farm in Piazza Armerina? Trinacria holiday farm, opened since 2013, is a wonderful villa surrounded by the green valley, a silent place, where you can listen to the birds-twittering, ideal for a moment of peace and relaxation. Only the best of Sicilian cuisine prepared by the expert hands of our chef which transmits our genuineness in exclusive and tasty dishes!

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Why choose us?


Our Sicilian cuisine

Typical Sicilian culinary art recipes, cooked with passion and expertise
by our chef. Discover the unique flavors of our land.

Our turistic itineraries

Architectural beauties and Piazza Armerina history all to be discovered: Villa del Casale, Museo Aidone, Cathedral and much more.

Wonders’ villa

Not far from the charming mosaics of Piazza Armerina, Wonders’villa is a magnificent example of a Sicilian historical residence

Mediterranean cuisine


Our home-made production

icona Contrada Casale

Our Trinacria set menu

  • Rustic appetizer of the house
  • Typical Sicilian first dishes
  • Main courses of meat
  • Side dish of our production
  • Home-made dessert
Most of the food products, in our menu, are exclusively with local or regional origins and of our own production. “Cannoli” are filled by fresh ricotta, coming from a local farm and the “novello” wine is produced by a wine company in the Armerino territory.