Agriturismo Trinacria

Trinacria holiday farm in Piazza Armerina


Our history

“Italy without Sicily does not leave any image in the spirit. It is in Sicily that it is the key to everything”
J.W.G Goethe, “Journey in Italiy”, 1817
agriturismo trinacria Contrada Casale

Best quality products

We only use simple products, genuine and high quality, to exalt the taste and the scents of typical Sicilian dishes.

Natural and Biological

Products from our land, of our own production or cultivated by local or regional farm. We only offer Sicilian authenticity in our dishes.
Trinacria holiday farm in Piazza Armerina arises in a 18th century building, a few steps from Casale Villa Romana in Piazza Armerina. The location (recently passed from rural tourism to agritourism) is surrounded by the green valley, a silent place, where you can listen to the birds-twittering, ideal for a moment of peace and relaxation. Historic farmhouse used as a restaurant, offers, inside their own rooms, the possibility, for customers, to enjoy also the Museum of Peasant Civilization.
Holiday farm was born in 2013, by the love for our land between art and history which is handed down from generation to generation. All our products come from exclusively from Sicilian origin.

"The purity of the contours, the softness of everything, The yielding blend of colors, the harmony of the sky with the sea and the sea with the earth. Who has only seen them once, will possess them for all life.
J.W.Goethe, “Journey in Italy”, 1817

The cuisine is characterized by typical Sicilian flavors, it is simple and home-made. Only the best of typical Sicilian cuisine and quality raw materials at Km 0, prepared by the expert hands of our chef who transmits our genuineness in exclusive and tasty dishes!
You can also organize private events, choose dinner with table service or buffet.
The room in entrusted to a highly qualified staff which welcomes customers with the maximum availability and cordiality, characterized by competence and professionalism.